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Do you need water damage restoration services in Coral Springs 33067 ?

Water damage repair services are essential if your home or business has been subjected to excessive water, as in flooding, overflows or similar situations. Our restoration services include immediate water extraction, followed by high tech procedures to dry out your structure, and salvage your furnishings and belongings. We understand that when you’ve been faced with a disaster, you want help immediately. We are here for you, no matter the time, and we even have a telephone help line to get you the answers you need, and provide you with a free estimate on our water damage repair services. Call us to get immediate help.

All of these small disasters can happen at any time of the day or night. That is why Restoration Pro prides itself on offering 24 / 7 emergency services in the South Florida area. This allows you to get in contact with our representatives quickly and make an appointment for an assessment as soon as you notice the problem. Getting ahead of the problem and staying ahead is important to ensuring your home gets back to normal quickly.

From that initial consultation, we’ll be able to make a clear assessment of your home’s needs and how many of our staff will be required for a given job. You can be sure that, regardless of the size of the job, our staff are trained and certified to help ensure your home looks, feels, and smells like a home after they’re done.

If your home or business has been hit with a flood, and you have wet carpets, hardwood floors, or bathroom tiles, water damage repair will be necessary to provide complete restoration of your home or office to pre-flooded conditions. Call us now to schedule restoration services.

Water Damage Repair for Flooded Home

When you call us to handle your flooded home, we will first perform a water removal, using several types of equipment to extract the water from your property. Once this is complete, we will bring in more equipment to finish the drying process and further complete the water damage repair to the affected areas of your home or business.

We use high-speed air movers or specialized fans: these fans dry out the surface area of your carpets, tiles, cabinets, wood floors, walls and ceilings. Depending on the amount of water and square area affected will determine the amount of fans needed and the duration for the dry out. Usual dry out time can be 2 – 3 days but each situation is different and specialized care is always needed.

Then we use dehumidifiers, which are crucial to eliminating the high levels of moisture in the air. This equipment removes high humidity levels and is able to dry out sub-flooring and the structural integrity of your home or business such as wall studs and ceiling joists.

These actions are essential in speeding up the restoration of your home; if you allow any of these steps to drag out, or not occur immediately, further and more serious damage could result.

What Do I Do When My Home Has Been Flooded?

These initial simple steps can be taken before you call a water damage repair professional, to ensure the safety and protection of your family members. They will assist in the successful clean up and repair of all damaged areas and items within your home:

Locate the source of flooding and turn off all valves. You might have to turn off the main valve that opens and closes the water for your entire house or business until the exact source can be located.

Shut off power at the breaker box to any affected areas until a trained professional can determine the extent of water penetration into drywall and electrical wiring and outlets.

Keep children and pets out of area and contact us, as water damage repair specialists, to determine what type of water is involved and begin the water extraction and removal in affected areas. The faster the standing water is removed the less flooring, walls and sub-structure are exposed to these damaging conditions.

At this point, we should be there to help you. A good response time to begin water damage repair should be within 24 – 48 hours after the actual event takes place to prevent the growth of mold. Extraction of excess water should take place at once, which we will perform for you. Then we’ll handle the other factors.

Carpets must be removed from their tack strip and the pad discarded. Furniture must be raised up with Styrofoam blocks to keep additional moisture from further damaging wood and related materials. The floor underneath the carpet should be treated with an anti-microbial spray along with the backside of the carpet, walls, furniture, upholstery and drapes. Environmentally safe products such as Microban are commonly used to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew in these circumstances.

During the water damage repair process, we can sometimes dry the drywall in place if there is no swelling and the seams are intact. Otherwise, we use several methods to repair water damaged drywall, such as drilling small holes in the base of the drywall to release any standing water and circulate air in the wall’s cavity. Base boards are often removed also to assist in the drying process. Again one of our specialists is able to identify and proceed with the best methods for each individual flood.

Don’t go through this ordeal alone, our professional water damage repair specialists are always on hand to get your home safely back up and running again. Call Restoration Pro right away, no matter the time.

If you are in Coral Springs, Fl. you are within our Restoration Pro South Florida service area.

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