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Restoration Disaster Services

About Us

Restoration Services You Can Trust Understanding anything about Restoration Pro requires a clear grasp of the dedication that has driven us for over a decade. We’ve spent all that time doing our best to help restored damaged properties to their former glory. This has meant ensuring a distinct level of quality, paired with a consistently […]

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Restoration Disaster Services

Certified Experts

. Quality Restoration Services You Can Trust Property restoration is a sensitive process that requires extensive training and education. Restoring a smoke-damaged house doesn’t simply mean covering burnt material with new materials. It includes making sure the damaged property is structurally sound and then replacing fire damaged areas with new, sturdy material. All of our […]

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Restoration Disaster Services


Trusted Property Restoration Services At My Restoration Pro, we understand the overwhelming difficulty of dealing with a damaged property. Coming home to find water damage, lingering smoke odors, or mold is anything but a welcome surprise. It can be financially stressful, as well as emotionally draining. Not only that, but many of these issues can […]

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Restoration Disaster Services

Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Most of us have become familiar with water damage at one point or another. That creeping discoloration and damp can seem to appear without warning, often making us wish for more upfront sources of damage, like heavy rains or winds, so you at least know the problem is there. Unfortunately, life doesn’t […]

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Restoration Disaster ServiceDisaster Restoration Experts

Restoration Pro and its team of courteous experts know that there’s no denying that living in Florida makes us all more than a little conscious of the weather. All it takes is one hurricane season to upend our lives or require a bit of work being done on our homes. Restoration services like those provided by Restoration Pro are crucial to making things right, regardless of how the damage happened. Restoration Pro’s trained experts offer restoration services for a variety of issues. These sources of damage represent the majority of common household problems when living near the ocean and in the potential path of a disaster. They allow you to feel confident that you’ve found the correct professionals to restore your property to a state where it seems as if nothing ever happened. That’s important when you want your home to keep feeling like your home even after a disaster.

Always Available Restoration Services

Larger disasters get the benefit of being televised as they’re on their way to disrupt our lives, but what about the smaller, private ones we all face, such as:

Previously unnoticed damage from burst pipes

Creeping mold from a hidden water leak

Unwelcome smells and yellowing after a localized house fire

Unexpected sewage backups

Small Disasters

All of these small disasters can happen at any time of the day or night. That’s why Restoration Pro prides itself on offering 24 / 7 emergency services in the South Florida area. This allows you to get in contact with our representatives quickly and make an appointment for an assessment as soon as you notice the problem. Getting ahead of the problem and staying ahead is important to ensuring your home gets back to normal quickly.

From that initial consultation, we’ll be able to make a clear assessment of your home’s needs and how many of our staff will be required for a given job. You can be sure that, regardless of the size of the job, our staff are trained and certified to help ensure your home looks, feels, and smells like a home after they’re done.

Controlling The Damage

All kinds of damage only get worse with time. Water damage soaks in further while weakening and degrading things, smoke damage continues to have negative chemical interactions with various substances in your home, and on top of that, you can be sure the smells will be settling into their new home, too.

Allowing any of these issues to keep progressing will actually end up being worse for you overall, whether those costs are in making the repairs more extensive or the negative impact on your health. Taking care of your home is another way of taking care of yourself and your family. Remember that for the future!